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 Pressure Care Relief Products PCRP®
Produits thérapeutiques pour plaies de pressions PCRP®
Medi-Care Division of/de CASA C.S. Inc.


Dr. Steve Young from "In Control Cambridge", in England, conducted a clinical evaluation of our PCRP® Pad. This product was evaluated on 6 patients in a nursing home during a 4-week period, to examine its effect on comfort and its contribution to the prevention and healing of pressure sores.

The clinical evaluation was conclusive. Patients' skin maintained a healthy profile throughout the study and the patient with a pressure ulcer healed. The comments about comfort have all been very positive. Patients noted a feeling of freshness and slept better on the PCRP® Pad than on the air product they used prior to the clinical evaluation.

After two years of testing, the PCRP® products were approved in 2017 by the National Health Service of United Kingdom and are now recognized as "THE REFERENCE" for pressure ulcers in England.

For more information about the Clinical Evaluation, please visit our Technical Website at: